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Custom Built Quality Measures Websites for Provider Organizations Using AHRQ Electronic Tools





SunCoast RHIO is owned and operated by SunCoast RHIO, Inc.  A Florida Corporation.

PQRS Quality Reporting, Electronic Submission of Medical Data, Transitions of Care -  The SunCoast RHIO is a Regional Health Information Organization.  We are a healthcare technology provisioning company.  We  supply software, services, and interoperability capabilities to healthcare entities.  Contact us for more information.

The RHIO originally offered services to the Florida counties of the South West Region.  Our Website is not fancy.  Much like our appoach to work, our priorities focus on performance and delivery.  We deeply understand our field and the business of clinical healthcare delivery.  We are not afraid to get into the trenches with our clients when deadlines approach. 


We solve clinical technology and business problems.  We do more than just talk about problem solving, we do it - and with a track record to prove it.  We are now a nationwide commercial company.

We electronically connect healthcare providers.  Providers include Hospitals, Doctors, Specialty Practices, Clinics, ACO's, Social Service Agencies, Government, and other health related practitioners. 


Additionally, we work with organizations 

oriented toward quality measurement and quality reporting with revenue impact. 

The RHIO provides products and services including but not limited to Electronic Health Records - EHR's, Personal Health Records, Health Information Exchange, Incentive Reporting, Quality Measures, and Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation.


We are certified as a CMS Health Information Handler under the esMD project for audit response, www.cms.gov/esmd


For ambulatory quality reporting, we are qualified as a both a PQRS Registry and a Data Submission Vendor.  In addition, we are an authorized CMS vendor for hospital inpatient and outpatient quality reporting.  See ambulatory supported measures listed at www.cms.gov/pqrs 



SunCoast RHIO has been approved by CAQH Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange (CORE®) Phase III Endorser. Please see  "About Us" tab


CAQH launched CORE to give providers consistent access to patient coverage information before or at the time of service using the electronic system of their choice for any patient or health plan, effectively reducing administrative burden and costs.

The SunCoast RHIO is an interstate collaborator with non Florida RHIO's and HIE's (Health Information Exchanges) across the US. 

We share a common philosophy with The Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) and adhere to the State's vision as outlined over the years.  Information can be found at AHCA's website under www.FHIN.net . See www.Florida-HIE.net.  We are working to integrate solutions with the State and the Federal Government's eHealth Exchange, NHIN Connect & Direct solutions.

We have optional software that integrates and links our own applications, other software and products from other vendors, and government websites and databases into one portal. Additionally, we offer traditional consulting and training.


Educational services offered through our training partner can be found at: http://Education.eClinicBuilder.com




See our price list at www.ACONetworks.com