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Custom Built Quality Measures Websites for Provider Organizations Using AHRQ Electronic Tools





SunCoast RHIO is owned and operated by SunCoast RHIO, Inc.  A Florida Corporation.

PQRS Quality Reporting - Electronic Submission of Medical Data - Transitions of Care.  The SunCoast RHIO is a Regional Health Information Organization. Demand is high.  Click here now and get started. Reserve your place with our "no obligation" call-back form.

Total Quality-Revenue Cycle

We are a full service healthcare technology managed services company. Healthcare entities achieve software program integration, electronic reporting to CMS, and can communicate with other providers by contracting with us or by purchasing online.  See our CMS Approved Measures and prices for our Registry here,  (Go to Page 42 of PDF Download if on Mobile), return or follow PQRSGateway link listed on CMS.

For Quality Reporting and Value Based Care, we manage all necessary steps you need to identify measures, validate, tabulate, calculate, forecast, and report them to CMS.  You practice Medicine, we interpret regulation.

Avoid Penalties, Get Incentives - Send email for more information or use Contact Us Form   *As Low as $75/Submission

For additional PQRS Management including Gap Analysis, QRUR Review for Value Based optimization, Revenue/Asset Protection, Audit Avoidance, Appeal Support:

See http://www.PQRSgateway.com

Why SunCoast RHIO?  

- CMS Qualified PQRS Registry - 3 Years

       For Quality Measure Reporting

- CMS Certified esMD HIH - 5 Years

        For Electronic Audit Response

- CMS QECP-  Pending Qualification

        Ability to pre-review Medicare Claims

- Experienced knowledgeable clinical staff

Our work is Assured and your Revenue and Assets are Protected.

Here is the Difference:  You get reimbursement and/or avoid penalties for measures AND you keep your money!

CAQH launched CORE to give providers consistent access to patient coverage information before or at the time of service using the electronic system of their choice for any patient or health plan, effectively reducing administrative burden and costs.

We are proud to be an official Pilot site for the AHIMA Information Governance "IG" Initiative. We  recommend AHIMA for Information and Data Governance efforts.

We support electronic Telehealth and Telemedicine technologies.

See our new ShiFox LLC Partner Offering for Chronic Care Managment.  We supply the software, you supply the people.  Manage your patients' chronic conditions at home or away when they travel.  Great for Florida Snow Birds!

Check out our new New York Affiliate, Health Hub, Inc. also located at SunCoastRHIO.NYC

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